Thursday, May 20, 2010

What Hath Brett Favre Wrought

Add Cleveland to the cities held hostage by the whims of a superstar athlete who can't decide where he wants to play. The NBA may as well cancel the rest of the Playoffs now that the Cavaliers are out--and all anyone in the media cares about it where free-agent-to-be Lebron James is going to play next season.

Some Clevelanders are so desperate to keep Lebron they have made a music video to try and sway his decision:

Apparently, there is no crime in Cleveland, there is full employment and all the kids get straight A's in the schools--because there are a number of government officials in that video (including the GOVERNOR OF OHIO!!) taking time to sing about how much they love Lebron. Glad we have our priorities in order there in Ohio.

And as sports talk-show host Jim Rome pointed out yesterday, nice job taking "We Are The World"--which was written and recorded to help end famine in Africa (that worked well didn't it?) and cheapening it by tying it to keeping a millionaire in your city to throw a leather ball in an iron hoop.

Of course, as soon as Brett Favre sees this video he is going to expect the same kind of treatment from the Twin Cities. "Please come back Brett.....Please stay in Purple...We'll rename Metrodome Brett Favre Field to feed your ego". At least Minneapolis has Prince and Paul Westerberg--who can actually sing.

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  1. Outstanding post. I mean come on ppl plz, no amount of song, dance, and jive can get Lebron to stay. Its a financial decision in my opinion. He wants to win, but he wants to get paid. Remember, he wants to be a billionaire. What cities gonna help him do that? NY baby!!