Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Quick Questions

Where you as panicked as I was when you saw the internet headline the other morning "Obama Tabs Kagan for Supreme Court"--before you realized it wasn't Congressman Steve Kagen?

Let me get this straight--Attorney General Eric Holder supports Mirandizing terror suspects and enemy combatants captured in the fields of Iraq and Afghanistan--and wants them tried in US civilian courts--but would be willing to waive some of those rights for American citizens arrested for terrorism on our own soil? It's time for everyone involved to decide what will be considered a "crime" and what will be considered "an act of war" from here on out. Let's just be consistant so that law enforcement knows what to do when we capture these guys (and gals).

How many times do you think the Oshkosh Corporation's record 2nd quarter profits will be mentioned tonight as the Common Council votes on a $5-million dollar TIF district for construction of their new e-coating plant? I've got the over-under at ten.

Will yesterday's bus-garbage truck crash in my neighborhood mean all of the yield signs will be replaced by stop signs--and we won't be able to go more than 200-feet without stopping?

Could the Brewers please spread out their run production? 17 in one game--one the next. Let's try for six every night--that might be enough to offset the sketchy starting pitching.

Can we give ABC golf analyst Paul Azinger the award for the "Greatest Twitter Blast Ever" by asking if Tiger Woods' neck injury "could have been prevented by a Swedish massage?" Two days later I can't help but laugh just thinking about it.

When did the trained response to tornado sirens become "run outside to see where the twister is?" That's what my wife and neighbors did last week. We only head to the basement now if we see the tornado is about to hit the house?

And why did the local TV stations feel the need to apologize for interrupting programming to bring viewers storm updates? THERE WAS A TORNADO ON THE GROUND!!! You really believe seeing the American Idol performances or who was eliminated from Dancing With the Stars is more important than a life-threatening situation for people in the viewing area? That being said--I know the phone in the TV newsroom was ringing off the hook from people who really did feel that way.

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  1. Concerning the crash, I have always hated "uncontrolled" intersections. If neither motorist sees a sign of some type, they don't stop or yield. That type of intersection is absolutely ridiculous.