Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Kudos (and non-Kudos)

Kudos to the security staff at Citizens Bank Park in Philadelphia for finally using proper techniques to deal with idiots who run on the field. There has been much debate as to whether the use of a taser to stop the teenager from running around the outfield was excessive force. Let's not forget this goofball was breaking the law at the time he was tased--and was failing to comply with orders to stop breaking the law. Add in that nobody knew what this guy might do next--we have had fans attack coaches in baseball before--and the use of non-lethal force seems absolutely justified. It's just a matter of time that the number of incidents like this force owners to ensure player safety by building moats around the field (like they do in European and Latin American soccer) or fence in the field (like they do in European basketball).

Non-Kudos to Oshkosh City Planners in the 1960's and 70's. Maybe we know more about the way methane gas builds up and spreads now--but why were homes allowed to be built on former landfill property in the first place? And why wasn't that lesson learned after the infamous house explosion of the '70's? One of the properties the city is now having to buy was built on the same location as the house destroyed in the blast. Now we--the modern taxpayers--are forced to pick up the tab for tearing down those duplexes to ensure public safety. Do we have any other locations like that in the city? May as well take care of those now--before property values go back up again.

Kudos to the Evergreen Retirement Community. My wife and I walked the trail they have along Sawyer Creek for the first time last weekend. What a pleasant little area! My wife loved the flowers. And it took us just nine years to actually go down and check it out.

Non-Kudos to the gawkers who headed out to Clayton last night to check out storm damage. So many people were clogging the road on Grandview that the cops had to be called in to start clearing them out. Don't worry about missing out on "The Show". Every news channel in the area will be on scene shooting video that you can check out at 10:00--you don't need to go down there yourself to "witness it firsthand"--and to get in the way of emergency crews actually trying to help people. And spare us the "I Report" video footage posted on the internet. That damage is a serious blow to people's sense of security--not some Christmas light display meant to be enjoyed by everyone within 20-miles. STAY OUT!!


  1. Non-kudos to Cumulus. Apparently they have fired Rich Allen. Nothing left to listen to in the morning on FM.

  2. Well, I've heard the news. Cumulus did the right thing. I'm disappointed in someone I admired and enjoyed listening to every morning. Why, my friend? I feel a great sadness for this situation.

  3. It must be true that Rich was fired, because his name is no longer listed on their web site. While I think he was somewhat opinionated, especially about politics, I agreed with his opinions 99% of the time and I give him kudos to bringing things to light.