Wednesday, May 19, 2010

One Liners

Is soon-to-be Former Senator Arlen Specter going to claim that "I didn't abandon the Democratic Party--the Democratic Party abandoned me?"

Is it too early to start printing "Rand Paul for President" bumper stickers? Maybe we could just tape an "a" and a "d" into all the Ron Paul stickers. That would be the economically responsible thing to do.

I think most Brewers fans would gladly pay a $10 per ticket surcharge to pay off the $22 million dollars owed to Trevor Hoffman and Jeff Suppan so the team can just cut them and bring up someone who can actually get batters out.

Does it hurt the credibility of Harvard University when a guy can present fake transcripts from other schools and get accepted? No one actually checks those things?

No wonder so many of our least-effective Presidents (Bush, Clinton, Bush, Obama) were Ivy League grads.

Can someone explain to me why the NHL is playing both conference championship series on the same night--when they could be staggered to give us hockey every night?

I can't wait to see the new "creative" way people who can't manage their money find to get farther into debt now that Auto Title Loans are now illegal in Wisconsin.

The biggest winner in the "Federal Stimulus Package"? The company that makes orange construction barrels and cones. You can't go anywhere without seeing those things now.

You might think that congratulations are in order when you hear that teacher compensation in Wisconsin went up only 3.8% without the Qualified Economic Offer law in place--until you consider that personal income for Wisconsin residents decreased by 2%.


  1. How did your compensation change in the last year, Jonathan?

  2. Be willing to bet Jonathan's compensation didn't rise 3.8% last year. I also believe he does not get the entire summer off. Good possibility he won't be able to retire at 55 with a big pension until her dies. I can tell you some of us in dairy production worked all last year for nothing and most lost money while putting in 80 hours a week. However, my property taxes went up. Now, let's talk about your compensation Chuck.