Thursday, August 4, 2011

Let the Man Live a Life

Can we please put an end to the criticism of President Obama's social life?  I don't mean his social agenda--that deserves plenty of criticism--but rather what the President does when he isn't "Being the President".  I turned on Fox News Channel yesterday and for half an hour the only topic of conversation was the President's "50th birthday party" last night in Chicago.  You had Karl Rove and the other usual talking heads wondering how Obama could be leaving Washington with so many problems going on right now to celebrate his birthday.  It was also pointed out a couple of times that the President has gone golfing more than 100 times since being inaugurated.

Let me point out that President Reagan spent plenty of time away from the White House during his eight years in office.  Remember all of the news footage of Ronnie on his horse, or clearing brush at his ranch--or waving as he walked away from Marine One at Camp David every weekend?  And President Eisenhower practically lived at the golf course while he was in office.  As an avid golfer myself, I'm insulted that the Commander-in-Chief shouldn't be allowed to work on his 18-handicap.

I realize that you have to "be the President" 24/7--but that doesn't mean you have to be a prisoner of the White House that whole time.  Do you really think that if President Obama spent 20-hours a day in the Oval Office that things would immediately get better?  Should he be on the phone calling employers to get a job for all those "single mothers" he mentions in his "economic hardship" speeches?  "Hi, Mr Plant Owner, this President Obama.  I just wanted you to know that even though Carrie lost her last job because she kept taking time off to be with her sick kids--you should still hire her--even though she never actually finished high school and she likes to get drunk and high a lot too."

Let's be honest, President Obama wasn't elected to the "details guy" anyway.  He didn't run on specific plans to fix the economy or balance the budget or end the Wars on Terror.  He's the "ideas guy"--like Tom Hanks' character in the movie "Big"--just an overgrown kid whose main job is just to "be cool"--and to make us feel cool too.  And what do cool guys do?  They play golf with their buddies a few times a week.  They listen to jazz bands.  They throw big 30-million dollar birthday parties.  That is what makes them cool.

So please, let President Obama get out of Washington--and be who he is.  He needs some great stories to put in his third book about himself that you know will be written after his time in office.

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