Monday, August 29, 2011

Supreme Court Fight Club

So the investigation into the Supreme Court Fight Club is over--and nobody is going to be charged with anything.  A show of hands from those who are surprised by that........anybody?.......that's what I thought.

When you take a look at the police reports that were provided to the special prosecutor you notice that political affiliation apparently affects a person's vision and memory.  The liberal members of the court seem to remember seeing David Prosser going Angry Hulk and putting the Killer Kowalski Sleeper Hold on Ann Walsh Bradley.  The conservative members remember Walsh Bradley going Fatal Attraction on Prosser and him reacting like the Brave Sir Robin from Spamalot.

If anything, this was a hockey fight--without all the pads, gloves and helmets.  Ann Walsh Bradley is the "Instigator".  Playing on a losing team and frustrated by getting her butt kicked, Walsh Bradley decides she is going to come over the boards and take a run at somebody to get her side fired up and perhaps take out a member of the other team.  Prosser is the "Hothead"--easily goaded into a fight and the perfect target for the "Instigator". 

Just like on the ice, the fight starts with trash talk, the two combatants circle each other for a while, maybe there is a few jabs with the sticks--and then the gloves are off.  The two go at it for a few seconds--the fans get a rise out of it--and then the refs step in.

In hockey, the two "combatants" are sent to the penalty box.  Maybe the "Instigator" didn't throw any punches (Claude Lemieux-type fighter)--and maybe the "Hothead" was pushed into throwing down (Tie Domi--or pretty much any other goon that has ever played the game)--regardless, both go to the box.  And maybe that is what should be done here as well.  Ann Walsh Bradley and David Prosser should be "sent off" for a little bit of time to think about what they have done. 

Sticking with the hockey theme, five minutes for fighting represents 1/12th of a game.  A Supreme Court Justice's term is 120-months--so Walsh Bradley and Prosser should be suspended for ten months.  No hearing arguments, no issuing rulings, no collecting a state salary.  Unfortunately, as elected officials, Supreme Court Justices answer to no one--so absolutely nothing is going to come of this.  I guess we will just have to remember this little fracas when these two come back up for re-election--and hand them lifetime suspensions from the High Court.

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