Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Terms of Endearment

I realize that President Obama needs to seperate us into as many classes as possible to create animosity and advance his social and economic agenda--but can we at least get a few definitions so we know where we actually stand?  I ask this after watching the President introduce his new Chief Economic Advisor on Monday.  Twice during the speech he used the phrase "Working Families and Middle Class Families".  And this was not the only time the President has used those terms seperately--it's actually quite common in his (or his speechwriters') lexicon.

So what I need to know is which of those two classifications do I belong to?  My wife and I both work--so we must be a "Working Family".  But as we learned here in Wisconsin this spring, "Working Families" are only those who belong to public sector unions--because they were the ones who were "under attack" by Governor Walker and the Legislative Republicans.  Those of us seeing the property tax relief and increased efficiency in government operations are obviously not "Working Families".  So, I guess we will have to be "Employed-But-Not-'Working'-Middle Class".

And then you have my parents--who until January were working (but in non-public sector, non "Working Families" jobs) and bringing in Middle Class wages--but are now retired.  And thanks to frugal living and diligent savings and investing, they are now living off of retirement accounts in excess of seven-figures--making them "Millionaires".  Under President Obama's classification that would make them "Rich Fat Cats"--deserving of my scorn--because obviously, they have not been paying "their fair share".  Needless to say, this is going to be a very awkward weekend at their cabin on the lake--and just think of animosity that will hang in the air when we visit their winter place in Florida!

So, if we could just get a flow chart or maybe some set of guidelines before President Obama's next speech on the economy so I know if I should be angry or ashamed of my current place in life, I'd appreciate it.  In the meantime I guess I'll just continue to consider myself part of an "Employed-But-Not-'Working'-Middle-Class-Family-Striving-To-Become-A-'Rich-Fat-Cat'-Family".

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