Tuesday, August 2, 2011

A Pat On the Back For Themselves, A Stab In the Back For Us

(One of the many weapons of satire is analogy--and I am about to lay a whole bunch of analogies on you in this My Two Cents.)

Senator Ron Johnson says the Debt Ceiling Bill is "disgusting".  While I would describe the bill as being more "gutless"--what is disgusting is the self-congratulations going on in Washington now.  Plenty of people are patting themselves on the back--and appearing on the news networks--for approving it before the default deadline.  It reminds me of the linebacker who tackles a running back after a nine-yard run on first down and gets up celebrating (like pretending to wield a Samurai sword).  Don't you think "What is that clown celebrating, that its only second and one?"

And since the the "crisis" was entirely the result of decades of deficit spending, poor exit strategies for international conflicts and continued expansion of entitlements approved BY CONGRESS ITSELF--this is like the baseball closer who walks the bases loaded, then gets the last batter to fly out to the wall celebrating out on the mound like he 'shut down" the opposition for the save. "Way to make us sweat for absolutely no good reason."

But let's not forget, this bill does little to actually reduce the deficit in the long run, so the better comparison might be the starting pitcher who walks the first three batters of the game--gives up a grand slam--walks the next three batters--gives up another grand slam--then retires the pitcher on a rocket that gets backhanded by the 3rd baseman--and pumps his fist on the mound.  "Nice job moron--we're still down eight with 26 outs to go."

And it should be pointed out that the debt ceiling increase will get us to about the 2012 election--so this is a lot like a punter backed up against the back of the endzone shanking one just past the line of scrimmage and waiting for his coverage guys to pat him on the helmet like he just boomed one down to the other team's one-yard line.  "Weren't we going for the 'big play' here Head Coach Obama, meant to turn field position and actually lead to a touchdown for future taxpayers?"

The one person who does deserve some congratulations in Washington today is Representative Gabriel Giffords--who entered the House Chambers yesterday like Willis Reed coming to the court at Madison Square Garden in Game Seven of the 1970 NBA Finals with the torn thigh muscle to inspire his New York Knicks to victory over the Lakers--to cast her vote in favor of the bill.  She was SHOT IN THE HEAD and still showed up to do her job.  Maybe Democrats in the State Senate will keep Giffords in mind the next time they think about heading to Illinois to avoid taking a vote.

However you choose to look at it, the Debt Ceiling Bill is NOT a victory for Team USA.  At best, it's a nine-point loss for a team that has lost its last ten games by at least two touchdowns.  Way to go team!!

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