Thursday, August 25, 2011

Thanks for the Laugh

Wednesday was not a real good day here at the Radio Ranch.  As our listeners may have noticed lately, we are having some serious satellite issues that are causing problems with several of our shows here on WOSH--and the problems got even worse yesterday.  Those problems kept me from getting down to cover the 20-man playoff in the US Amateur at Erin Hills (it was as crazy as it sounds).  Fortunately, Golf Channel had it on during their window of live coverage yesterday.  Throw in the flat performance by the Brewers in Pittsburgh--and concern over a prematurely-born nephew--and you can understand why I was feeling a bit blue yesterday.

And then I got an email from former Congressman Steve Kagen--which provided me with one of the biggest laughs I have enjoyed in some time.  The email itself certainly wasn't funny.  It was a "letter" detailing all of the things that Kagen and Tommy Thompson "agree" upon in politics (obviously an attempt to discredit Thompson with anyone even slightly right of Kagen's far left position).  The big laugh came as I got ready to send the email to the giant circular file in space and I noticed the "signature" at the bottom.

Kagen sent the email signed:

Steven Kagen MD

Member of Congress (Retired)


Now maybe I missed something while I was busy in the 2010 elections--but I am pretty sure that Steve Kagen did not "Retire" from Congress.  I think it would be more factually accurate to say that Steve Kagen was "Fired" from Congress.  His bosses in the Eighth District got together and said "Steve, it's just not working out and I think you should seek employment somewhere else."  Herb Kohl will have the right to put "Retired" on his emails after next year--because he is not running for re-election. I'm thinking about fowarding the email on to Donald Trump so that in the next season of "The Apprentice" he can point to whatever celebrity is getting the boot and say "You're Retired!"

Furthermore, Kagen has been trying to inject himself into the conversation about who will run for his old seat and for Kohl's seat in the Senate next year--so I guess he's not really done "working" on getting back to Washington.   The Doctor's weekly conference calls with reporters were always good for a few chuckles--and now I guess he's making comedy house calls as well.

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