Monday, March 19, 2012

An Egregious Affront to My Rights

So the other day it was my turn to get the cough and cold medicine from Target--as my wife and I continue to battle that "thing that's going around" for the fourth week now.  Imagine my surprise when the teenage girl working the register asked to see my photo identification to buy that over-the-counter medication.  Fortunately, I had my drivers license along, so I was able to leave the store with my cough syrup.

But as I'm walking to my Jeep, I started thinking what if I was one of the "hundreds of thousands of Wisconsinites" we hear about all the time who don't have a photo ID?  How would I be able to buy cold medicine?

And who is Target to think that I'm going to abuse cough medicine?  They have no proof--NO PROOF--that cold medicine abuse is going on in Oshkosh.  Sure, hip-hop artists sing about "purple drank" and yes, Johnny Jolly is sitting in prison for possession of enough of it to kill a horse--but that took place in Houston, Texas--not here in Wisconsin.  This is clearly a problem that DOES NOT EXIST!!  This whole "you have to show photo ID" thing is just another attempt by an evil corporation to keep working families--and women--from getting ahead in society.

And let's not forget--by denying me medicine because I don't have a photo ID, Target is denying me my right to access to health care.  We hear all the time from President Obama that is a right guaranteed by the constitution.  It's right there in the uh. um..........#$#%th Amendment!  You know, the one right after the one that guarantees public sector union employees the right to collective bargaining for their health insurance carrier and retirement benefits contributions!

So I am demanding that some group--maybe multiple groups--file a lawsuit--or multiple lawsuits--in Dane County Court to immediately block Target and all other retailers from requiring photo identification to purchase cold medicine.  We must protect the rights of those "hundreds of thousands" who--for some reason nobody has ever explained--cannot get a photo ID.  Come on League of Women Voters, ACLU, NAACP and Voces de la Frontera--let's be consistant here.

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