Tuesday, March 6, 2012

The Most Dangerous Man in Radio

I just wanted everyone to know that WOSH Radio will continue to air the most dangerous man in Talk Radio.  The man who for three hours every day repudiates nearly everything the Obama Administration is trying to do.  The host who encourages Americans to take responsibility for what they do--and to not expect (or demand) government handouts or bailouts when they make poor life choices.  And the man who calls those who believe that Big Government is the solution to all of man's problems "lazy" and "selfish".

I'm, of course, talking about Dave Ramsey.

I got the four emails of complaint about Rush Limbaugh over the weekend (three full days after the "comment".  It's funny how it always takes so long for people "offended" by Rush's comments to let us know about it--but when we lose the satellite feed or we preempt the show for a Presidential news conference--the phones immediately start ringing off the hooks here at the station).  And I wonder why those on the left don't have the same vitriol for Dave Ramsey?

Rush is nothing more than entertainer--a guy who says things meant to get people riled up and providing free promotion for his show whenever he can.  DittoHeads get to put their money where their mouths are only one or two election days every other year.  But those engaging in the Total Money Makeover promoted daily on the Dave Ramsey show are subverting the liberal agenda every single day.

While the President tells us all the time about how Americans can no longer afford to send their kids to college--there is Dave showing people how putting away just a litle bit every month can build a substantial college fund for their kids.  As the representatives of Students for Reproductive Justice tell Congressional committees that the government needs to require health care providers to give out free contraceptives--there is Dave touting High Deductible Health Savings Account policies that encourage workers to save for their health expenses and lower the costs to their employers.  And while the Federal Reserve continues to encourage Americans to dig themselves deeper into debt and to not bother saving for the future with artificially low interest rates--Dave Ramsey is helping people to get out of the hole and to build toward a retirement that won't depend on Social Security, Medicare and SeniorCare.

And yet, our liberal "listeners" don't call in or email to complain about that.  A nation of people thinking like Dave Ramsey would be a disaster for the Left--as fewer and fewer people would be reliant on Big Government to provide for their every need.  Maybe the President needs to start calling some of the people Dave tells to "sell the car" or "you won't be going to Disney World for a long time" that they shouldn't listen to what the fiscally responsble crowd tells them what to do--and that they should be "proud" of the mess they are in.

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