Friday, March 30, 2012

If I Can't Win....

Obviously, I rooting for myself to win tonight's $540-Million Mega-Millions jackpot.  But if the numbers don't go my way, there are some other people I would like to see win.

First would be a member of Occupy Wall Street.  That would just be awesome, as that malcontent would, in an instant, become the one thing that he hates more than any other: one of the 1%.  I'd be interested to see how much that Occupy protester gives to the IRS as "their fair share".  And no counting the money that you plan to give to charity (which the 1% does) or the donation to establish an endowment for scholarships or research (which the 1% also does) or the money you want to provide to entrepreneurs and start up businesses (which the 1% does as well).  I'm talking about handing that money directly to the government for "proper redistribution" to "those that need it most".  I'm guessing that contribution will not be a single penny above the 35% that is required.

If I can't win, I wouldn't mind seeing a member of WEAC, SEIU or AFCSME win instead.  540-Million bucks would cover a lot of health insurance premiums and retirement contributions.  Remember, these are your Comrades--your Brothers-In-Arms who have been treated unfairly by the government--and this would be your chance to make things "fair" again.  These are the people you faked being sick with so you could go down to Madison to protest last year.  These are folks you chanted obscenities with--the people who gave up their holiday shopping to collect recall petitions so you could exact your "revenge".  The unions themselves should also get a share--since they are going to have to spend a boatload to pay for all Kathleen Falk's TV ads.

And finally, If I can't win the Mega-Millions Jackpot, I hope that President Obama does.  I know this isn't going to happen--as the President's spokesman said yesterday that the First Family is not buying any tickets.  (To his credit, the President has been on record for years with his opposition to the lottery--correctly pointing out that a disproportionate number of low income people play--proving the old adage that a lottery is a tax on the poor and the stupid.)  But if it did, The President could use the $540-Million to pay back 0.000145% of the national debt.  Or, he could pay for 6-hours of the Affordable Care Act.  Or, he could pay for about 60% of his anticipated re-election campaign expenses. 

OR, the President could do like I plan to do if I win, he could quit his job, buy a house on Maui and do nothing but play golf and watch the sunset every day for the rest of our lives.  That might make all of us Mega-Milions winners.

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