Tuesday, July 15, 2014

The People Who Control Your Tax Dollars

I would like to thank an alert WOSH listener for cluing me in on an unbelievable quote from Vice President Joe Biden recently about his "struggles with money".  Biden was addressing the White House Summit on (Liberal) Working Families when he told the assembled crowd that he had no money in savings.

Biden's comments came in the wake of Hillary Clinton's claim that she and Bill were "dead broke" after they left the White House in 2001--making it sound like every Democratic contender for the White House in 2016 is trying to play the "I'm even poorer than you" card--thinking it will win them support from the ever-increasing number of families living in poverty over the past 6-years.

And what kills me is that the attendees of the conference--supposedly the people who are "struggling to make ends meet"--are laughing and clapping for a man who reports $407,000 in adjusted income (and who gets to live rent-free in a mansion on the US Naval Academy campus) being completely unable to save anything for retirement.  In previous "I'm the poorest man in Washington" claims, Biden blamed serving in Congress since he was 29-years old for his lack of personal wealth.  If working inside the Beltway has been such a "burden", Joe, maybe you should have considered taking an actual full-time job like all of the blue-collar folks you claim to "represent".

Anyway, you do have to give the Vice President some credit, he is at least living the life of government dependence that he and others in his party want to foist upon the rest of us.  Joe looks forward to his "government pension" and the one his wife will be getting as well--as a long-time community college teacher.  Uncle Sam has the Bidens taken care of--so really why should they put any effort into saving for their futures?  And that is their message to you too: "Big Government will be there to take care of your every want and need--there's no need to worry--even if that cost will be passed along to generation after generation after generation."

Oh and by the way, what the Vice President was saying is actually a load of BS.  He and his wife both have retirement and savings accounts--albeit small in terms of values.  But still, he told his base the things they wanted to hear--so to them, it will be the truth.

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