Wednesday, July 9, 2014

This Week's Special: Liberal Eggs, $12/Dozen

Those worried about a complete Liberal takeover of the US can probably rest easier, it appears those on the Left will likely starve themselves to death before that can happen.

The Willy Street Co-op in Madison is considering a boycott of it's largest supplier, Eden Foods, because that company is seeking legal relief from the provisions on birth control in the Affordable Care Act--just like Hobby Lobby did.  First off, I'm shocked the co-op was even doing business with a company that takes its name from the Biblical version of creation.  That right there should have let you know the owners' religious persuasions (and that they are automatically sexist--and probably racist too).  The decision to boycott would be expensive for customers--as more than 100-items would be taken off the shelves--and those that can be replaced would come from suppliers charging even more than the exorbitant prices "organic" and "free trade" and "sustainable" producers already get.

That is a point some co-op customers have tried to make in the on-line forum seeking feedback on the proposed boycott.  They try to argue logically that until that lawsuit was filed, products from Eden were "eco-friendly" and "healthier"--so why does the fact that the female employees of childbearing age may not get three or four birth control pills for free from the company make that food unfit for human consumption?  But those folks are being shouted down by the hardcore Libs who insist that unless the farmers, the crop pickers, the guys driving the trucks hauling the food, the packagers, the labelers and the distributors of that food cowtow to their personal political beliefs--they should not be allowed to sell their wares anywhere in the United States of America.

It's probably not far-fetched to imagine a day when retailers will no longer try to compete on price or selection--and instead will position themselves by political and/or religious affiliation.  You'll have the "Conservative Hardware Store" competing against the "Liberal, Recycled, Green Building Supply Co-op" or the "Christian Hobby Shop" will be located across the street from the "Progressive Hobby Shop" and of course the "Corporate Food Mart" and the "Sustainable Sustenance Center".

However, that likely will not be much of an actual competition.  The "Right-leaning" shops will feature far greater selection--at much lower prices--likely leading the "Left-leaning" retailers and their supporters to demand government intervention (in the form of legislative requirements like those called for by the Willy Street customers) to "make things fair".  And the whole thing will come to an end when blight wipes out the "organic, non-genetically-modified-to-be-blight-resistant" crops, PETA claims that chickens suffer "separation anxiety" when their eggs are taken away, and researchers at some public university use government grants to determine that plants really do feel pain when they are cut down--and suddenly the already limited food supply for those trying to "save the earth" dries up--and they die a slow, painful death from malnutrition.  At least they will feel good knowing that in death, they made sure that RU-486 was free for all women who wanted to take it.

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