Tuesday, July 22, 2014

They're Both the Same

In listening to the protesters who were picketing outside of Hobby Lobby in Grand Chute last weekend go on about how the company being allowed to not pay for four types of birth control pills--out of 20 available--is a huge afront to the "human rights" of women, I realized those ladies are the same as the NRA guys who rail against government bans on certain types of weapons and ammunition as an afront to their Constitutional rights. They both firmly believe that even the slightest exemption to a law (or in the case of the NRA guys, a clearly-established Constitutional amendment) puts the entire law (or amendment) in jeopardy. It's two disparate groups fighting the same philosophical (and perhaps legal) battle. Of course, the two sides would never join forces or express support for each other. The NRA crowd tend to share the values of Hobby Lobby's family founders and would argue that the company shouldn't have to pay one cent for any contraceptives, period. The pro-choice ladies wouldn't be caught dead at an NRA meeting because they believe guns are inherently evil--even though 99.99% of all gun owners never commit a crime with them and manage to not accidentally shoot themselves or other people. But again, the things that they love so much are basically the same as well. Guns can be used to take a life--and contraceptives and abortions are meant to just keep that life from ever happening. On another topic, the next time you hear a Liberal criticizing Israel's response to Hamas launching rockets into the country from the Gaza Strip, call them an anti-Semite. It's the same strategy those on the Left like to use to discredit criticism of President Obama--by labeling those opposed to his social and economic agenda as being "racist". But attacking Israeli leadership is attacking a global minority that has been oppressed for centuries--and it's the same as attacking an American minority who has also risen to power. If the racial makeup of the person in power is the determine places them above logical questioning of their leadership and decision-making, than a ruler's religous beliefs should be afforded the same "cloak of protection". The only difference here is that Israel is fighting forces trying to destroy its country--while President Obama is fighting forces trying to keep him from destroying his country.

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