Wednesday, October 19, 2011

And Now For a Completely Different Perspective

Leave it to Scientific American to come up with the reason the #OccupyWallStreet effort--and Obama-nomics as an entity are both doomed to fail............

Researchers have found that while some may believe that everyone should be equal in terms of their economic situation--the human brain is, in fact, wired to oppose having those considered "behind" us allowed to catch up.

It's called the "Last Place Aversion"--and it explains why during a period of deep recession, opposition to "redistribution of wealth" supported by the President and the #Occupy hippies is growing.  As Americans deal with having less--the idea of someone who currently has even less catching up to--or passing us by--becomes less appealing.  In simple terms, nobody wants to be in--or closer to--last place.

When you think about it, it's basic Darwinism--the inner drive of the species to be better than every other member--and it's why all attempt at Socialism has failed.  Perhaps the #Occupy folks should leave Wall Street and get into the biology lab--where they can work on removing the "Last Place Aversion" gene from our DNA.


  1. Since Scientific American's official editorial position is that Climate Change is indeed occurring and that it is a man-made phenomenon, that you have seen the light an will alter your view accordingly.

    One certainly doesn't want to be accused of cherry-picking which science buttresses one's worldview, while ignoring the science that challenges it, does one?

  2. I have never denied Global Warming. The spot at which I am typing this was buried under a sheet of ice TWO MILES THICK a mere 10-thousand years ago--so obviously, things have been getting warmer for some time

  3. The temps seem to have leveled out in recent milleniums.