Wednesday, October 26, 2011

#Occupy My Wallet--Part II

Yesterday, we kicked off the #Occupy My Wallet effort--bringing together the fiscally responsible to call for economic changes that will actually get us out of the recession.  Today, we issue our demands.

1--Immediately develop a plan to reduce entitlement spending at all levels of government to what can be sustained by average income growth of taxpayers.  We may as well start with the toughest goal first.  As we edge closer to a two-worker-to-one-entitlement-recipient ratio, those of us who can do simple math know that is not sustainable.  #Occupy My Wallet members support an increased retirement age for Social Security and increased income limits for all other entitlement programs.

2--Truly reform health care coverage by eliminating all requirements of "ObamaCare" already in place, allowing all Americans to have Health Savings Accounts--regardless of insurance plan, making all HSA contributions and disbursements tax-exempt, repeaing limits on annual contributions to HSA's, allowing carriers to price premiums the same way auto insurers do--based on risk and past history--and requiring health care providers to publish prices for all medical services--allowing patients to make informed health care choices.  #Occupy My Wallet members take good care of themselves and should be rewarded for our efforts.

3--Lower energy costs by eliminating arbitrary requirements on the amount of electricity that must be produced by far money-losing renewable sources, increase drilling for oil and natural gas in America, and open up Canadian oil shale fields by allowing pipelines to be connected to US refineries.  This will not only lower the cost to transport goods purchased by #Occupy My Wallet members--but will also lower home heating costs and reduce our need to fund expensive, sustained fights against anti-American forces in other oil producing countries.

4--End the demonization of private companies and profits.  #Occupy My Wallet members work for corporations and private companies--and their profits mean we keep our jobs.  #Occupy My Wallet members also invest for retirement in 401(k)'s and Roth IRA's containing nearly all Wall Street stocks and bonds.  When they make money, we make money--and thereby lower our dependence on Uncle Sam to see us through our golden years.

5--End subsidies for ethanol production.  This--along with lower transportation costs in demand #3--will ease pressure on food prices.

6--Limit any Federal mortgage subsidy programs to those who had at least ten percent down at closing and took out only 15, 20 or 30 year mortgages.  Those people followed sound financial principles in buying their house and should have been able to afford what they purchased.  Anyone who got a no money down, jumbo, ARM or interest-only mortgage obviously could not afford what they bought--even with the two incomes they may have had at the time.

7--Begin raising interest rates again to encourage savings.  #Occupy My Wallet members are tired of getting less than 1% return on the money they put away for emergencies and large purchases.

When we see these steps being taken in Washington and Madison, then #Occupy My Wallet members will return to "stimulating" the economy with our massive buying power.  If not, we will continue to sit on the sidelines and be content with what we have--at least until you come to take it away from us by force, in the name of "fairness" and "Social Justice".

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  1. Sign me up....When and where do we meet ?