Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Let Them Work, Senator Kohl!!

Now that "Wisconsin Jobs Now" has wrapped up their pro-Jobs Act rally on the College Avenue bridge in Appleton, they can jump in their VW Microbuses and Toyota Priuses and head down to 1001 North
Fourth Street in Milwaukee to demand that millionaires start paying their fair share to save hundreds of jobs.  I'll spare you the trip to Mapquest and let you know that is the address of the Bradley Center--home of the Milwaukee Bucks.

In case you missed it, NBA Commissioner David Stern announced yesterday that at least the first two weeks of the 2011-2012 season will be cancelled due to the owners' lockout of the players.  That's right, Herb Kohl is keeping hardworking union members from making a living.  The players want to play, they have offered concessions on their share of the income generated by the league--but Senator Kohl and his millionaire and billionaire associates have said that is not enough--and they are trying to bust the union.

Sure, Senator Kohl can claim the Bucks have lost money for years--but he has a net worth of $231-million dollars (I believe that figure leaves him a little short of being part of the "1%" that Occupy Wall Street wants to destroy--so that group will have to sit out this protest)--so he should be able to continue covering those losses out of his own pocket.  Besides, how could he be losing money when he and his greedy partners are getting $930-million dollars annually in television revenues from "evil" Wall Street Corporations like Disney (ABC/ESPN) and Time-Warner Cable (Turner Broadcasting/NBA Network)?

And it's not just the players who are prevented from working--it's the coaches, the trainers, the equipment guys, the ball boys, the concession stand workers, the security guards, the ticket-takers, all of the front-office personnel, the PA announcer, the beat reporters and the play-by-play guys that are losing out on income as well, Senator Kohl.  Those are "hardworking Wisconsin Families" whose efforts have been putting money in your pocket for years, Senator--and now you are taking money out of theirs.  You seem so ready to commit $447-Billion of our (taxpayers) money for President Obama's Jobs Act--why don't you dig into your own pocket and give the players "a fair deal"?  Oh, and you can buy your own new arena in Downtown Milwaukee as well--because we aren't about bailouts for businesses anymore.

So c'mon professional protesters, union brothers and all of those sick of the rich taking advantage of the middle class--take up your picket signs against Senator Herb Kohl and demand that he end the lockout and let the players play.  Because this fight isn't about politics, right? 




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