Tuesday, October 25, 2011

#Occupy My Wallet--Part I

I've decided to jump on the #Occupy bandwagon.  No, I'm not going to New York City to camp in park and defecate on police cars--and I don't plan to join ten other people in a rally outside a closed bank in downtown Appleton on a Saturday afternoon.  Instead, I have decided to #Occupy My Wallet.  That's right, everyday I will be there with my wallet making sure that it doesn't open for business until my demands are met--and I encourage others to join the "fight".

I don't know what percentage of the population #Occupy My Wallet represents.  Everybody in the group so far is employed, bought only the size house they could afford on one salary, spent the last few years paying off their debt instead of racking it up, keeps in good shape, doesn't use recreational drugs, doesn't see their vehicle, their TV or their smartphone as a status symbol, pays cash for their vacations and invests 15% of their gross pay for their retirement.  I'm guessing their aren't many of us now--but many are moving toward us.

Our power doesn't come from having loud bullhorns, big American flags, union backing or having the President claim he "feels our pain."  Our power comes from the money we have--the money that will get all of us back out of this mess.  The money that quite honestly, those of us in #Occupy My Wallet feel isn't being appreciated right now.  #Occupy My Wallet employers didn't get government bailouts--they didn't get any money in Stimulus I or Stimulus II either.  #Occupy My Wallet members aren't getting government help to pay their mortgages or to subsidize their child care. 

#Occupy My Wallet members want recognition as the real "job creators" in this new, new, new economy.  Because you can give all the tax breaks in the world to small business owners and companies and corporations--but until we walk through those doors with our cash in hand--ready to fork it over for a product or service--this ship isn't going anywhere.

Tomorrow, #Occupy My Wallet will release its list of demands.

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